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Outplacement & Career Transition Services


Employee experience doesn't end at goodbye.


Empower employees transitioning out of your organization to feel confident in taking the next step of their career journey.

You’ve dedicated time and resources to attracting top talent and improving your candidate experience. You’ve worked hard to drive employee engagement and build your reputation as a sought-after workplace. But in today’s competitive market, is your strategy for saying goodbye going to carry the same impact? Have you considered the repercussions of not having a good goodbye strategy in place? Your brand reputation could be at stake.

We’re here to ensure employee farewells are handled with compassion and professionalism to help set them up for success.

Sometimes layoffs are unavoidable, but by demonstrating the same level of empathy, support, and resources to your employees from start to finish, you can uphold your reputation as a great place to work. It can be the difference between an exiting employee telling everyone in their circle about their negative experience and tarnishing your reputation with poor employer reviews, and one that says, “I’m sad I’m leaving, but it was an amazing company, and I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Our team supports small-to-medium businesses to navigate organizational change through boutique outplacement services that empower parting employees to secure meaningful work with confidence and new-found excitement for their career.  


Navigating abrupt change such as job loss can be a stressful situation, akin to grieving a death for many people–especially when such a large part of our identity is defined by our career. Outplacement won’t prevent this grief, but it does offer these individuals comfort knowing that someone is in their corner, rooting for them and guiding them.


Through a collaborative process and a relaxed conversational style, we hold a comfortable space for our clients to explore, build self-awareness, and clarify their career goals. By asking the right questions, we unlock accomplishments and identify unique personal characteristics that are used to create impactful professional brands and effective job search strategies. 


To encourage resiliency and a growth mindset, our programs focus on each person’s unique needs while deepening a sense of self awareness and ownership. Our personalized services allow us to build positive relationships with each client by providing tailored guidance while balancing empathy with accountability.

Meet Your Outplacement & Career Transition Partners

We Transform a Workplace Transition into a Positive Opportunity


Laura Hartnell

As a multi-certified, award-winning résumé writer, I develop powerful personal brands that help my clients land the jobs they desire. My collaborative process is focused on getting to know my clients as whole people. By understanding their values and ambitions, the impact they’ve had in their careers, and their unique characteristics, I’m able to craft effective personal marketing materials that resonate with their target audience.


Since 2017, I’ve helped hundreds of job seekers own their voice and navigate their job search with clarity and confidence. From entry-level roles to C-suite executives, I ensure each client is equipped with the tools and strategies needed for a modern job search.


Jan Atkinson

I’m a Human Resources Consultant and IFC Certified Professional Coach with over 35 years of diverse experience in the financial services, insurance, and computer technology sectors, including roles at Cooperators Data Services, CGI, Manulife Financial, and Agricorp. 


In my coaching practice, I build trust through candid yet thoughtful communication and influence to gain acceptance and commitment. By empowering my clients to identify their strengths/interests, seize opportunities, and make informed decisions, we co-create sustainable career action plans that are focused on goal attainment. In all my engagements, I bring collaboration, resilience, flexibility, a sense of humour, and transparency.

Why us?

One-to-One Support.

As more outplacement providers shift towards AI-driven, do-it-yourself solutions, we recognize that many people find this approach frustrating and isolating. It’s just not for everyone. Many people appreciate a more personalized and intimate experience, and every parting employee will collaborate exclusively with us. No outsourcing. No pre-recordings. No logins.

Prioritization of Mindset Readiness for Job Search Success.

We understand the importance of being in a healthy mind set before embarking on a job search, which is why we assess readiness to take the first step. By processing feelings of fear, shame, or anger, we ensure our clients are fully engaged and ready to commit to a purposeful career transition. This sets the tone for a strong job search, enabling them to weather rejections and push forward with a positive attitude.

Powerful Personal Brands.

Each client has their personal marketing materials developed by a highly credentialed, published, and award-winning professional resume writer. This takes a huge strain off your parting employees since many people struggle not only to sell themselves, but do not have the writing skills to artfully articulate their accomplishments on paper.

 *Contact us to request samples of our resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and executive bios.

Discreet and confidential.

We respect the sensitivity of the situation and act as confidential thinking partners throughout the journey.

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For general labourors and entry-level positions

  • Composition of a résumé & cover letter 

  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching

  • 1 month of unlimited email support 



  • Composition of a résumé and cover letter

  • LinkedIn profile mini make-over (Headline & About sections)

  • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching

  • 2 months of unlimited email support

Clerical, administrative, and front-line workers


  • Composition of a branded résumé and cover letter;

  • Full LinkedIn profile makeover (Headline, About, Experience, Education, and Skills sections)

  • 5 hours of one-on-one coaching

  • 3 months of unlimited email support

Specialized positions and middle management



  • Leadership brand development

  • Composition of a résumé and cover letter

  • Full LinkedIn profile makeover (Headline, About, Experience, Education, and Skills sections) 

  • Optional resume distribution to U.S. and Canadian executive search firms

  • 10 hours of one-on-one coaching

  • 6 months of unlimited email support  

Upper management and C-suite executives



  • Transferable skills analysis

  • Defining and aligning values

  • Interview preparation and practice

  • Strategizing an effective job search

  • Leading with emotional intelligence

  • Career exploration and discernment

  • Transitioning from employee to business owner

  • Networking and relationship building techniques

  • LinkedIn engagement planning and thought leadership

Snapshot of Coaching Topics

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