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Company Downsizing & Re-imagined Outplacement

Let go? Laid off? Downsized? Restructured out?


No matter what you call it, dealing with unexpected job loss is stressful, but you don't have to face it alone. Outplacement is all about making sure you're supported throughout your career transition. I'll be your guidance counselor, your brand ambassador, and your cheerleader. We'll take the unfortunate circumstance and transform it into a golden opportunity. The goal is to get you back to work at a job you love and a salary you deserve. With my help you'll get there as quickly and as confidently as possible!

How are these outplacement services re-imagined? 

As a corporate service, outplacement has become a dirty word among job seekers...and I have to agree. I have spoken with too many people who have received outplacement packages from big agencies, only to feel as lost and alone as though they'd received nothing. My boutique-level services do not involve teams of people or online coursework. You work one on one with me, so that we can address your unique needs. We will create personal marketing collateral and a job search strategy that works for you... No 'one size fits all' advice or templates.   

Have you asked about career transition support?


Review your exit package or talk to your HR representative to find out what options are available to you. Many of the job seekers who come to me are reimbursed by their former employer for career support services.

Although the company pays the bill, let's get one thing straight: I'm here to help YOU.

...but with the right direction, you can get back on track!

Ready to get back in the driver's seat? Contact me for a confidential discussion. 

Sometimes your career takes an unexpected detour...

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