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Résumé, CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing

Putting a lot of kilometers on your résumé and not getting anywhere? 
You Need Tactical Personal Marketing Documents

Why your personal marketing materials matter:

You've got 6 seconds to grab an employer's attention.

Return on investment. Is this what employers see when they look at your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile? It should be. Employers want to understand your value, which is why I create high-impact personal marking materials that are custom-tailored to your ideal position and clearly define your value proposition. 

The Importance of a Consistent Personal Brand

What do you stand for? How does your unique combination of skills and experiences make you, you?

In a digital era, your online presence is often a recruiter, HR associate, or hiring manager's first impression of you. What do you want them to know about you? You can take charge of this narrative by developing a personal brand both online and in your community.


Consistency is key! It's important to convey a consistent brand image across all of your personal marketing mediums. Your résumé, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other in-person and online engagements need to tell congruous stories.

Let me help you develop and champion a personal brand that will leave a polished, long-lasting first impression!

Client Testimonials

"I had two offers last week both of which were a result of cold calling each company. In both cases, they indicated that they really liked my resume and were very impressed with my background. The one VP said he liked the graph so much that he had to print in colour, black & white would not do it justice!"

—  Daniela V., Account Manager