New to Canada? Get the Job you Deserve!

Don't let fear prevent you from getting the job you want!


At the Toronto Career Fair I spoke with a lot of job seekers new to Canada. Many of them expressed concern that their foreign qualifications and non-Canadian work experience wouldn't count here. Some of them had been advised to seek positions below their previously held job titles to get their "foot in the door" with Canadian companies.


If taking a job title below you're qualifications and experience is what you WANT to do to learn more about the Canadian work culture or build confidence in your English language proficiency before you go for the gusto, then sure, you've got a good plan!


Realize however, that you don't HAVE to go this route.


Got your credentials evaluated through the WES and they are equivalent? ✔

Performed the same duties required for the job? ✔

Complied with policies and regulations? ✔

Bi/multilingual? ✔ 


All you need now is a résumé framed in the Canadian context that highlights your achievements, and a solid job search strategy. Overcome that fear, get your game face on, and get the job you deserve!



☀ Contact me for help along the way. ☀ 

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