Engineers, Let's Talk Hobbies


Engineering Résumé Tip: Should you include a hobbies/interests section?


Typically this section is not necessary. Consider if you are involved in activities that add DIRECT VALUE to the position you are seeking.


For instance, I have spoken with hiring managers who appreciate candidates who possess both theoretical knowledge and hands-on ability. I have also read engineering job ads that instruct candidates to demonstrate hands-on, mechanical aptitude on their résumés.


If this is the case, then be sure to follow the instructions or you'll likely be out of the running. If including this section is not a direct instruction, I advise that the cover letter is a better place to discuss how your recreational activities could positively impact work outcomes.


Here is an example: Your work and/or educational experience has largely been focused on design/modeling/simulation, but as a hobby you fix up old cars. Your ability to manually manipulate machinery will allow you to better understand the relationship between your designs and how they are being built on the machine shop floor.

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