Women in STEM

Although the number of women with STEM degrees has increased, the percentage of women working in these fields has remained stagnant for 30 years - holding at roughly 20% of total workforce according to Statistics Canada.


There is a positive outlook for future women in STEM, as more programs and toys are available to engage and empower girls in these subjects. Culture change takes time however, so what can women in STEM do now to better their chances of success in these fields?


1. Find a mentor who has traversed the field already. Having a female role model is powerful, and being able to share concerns, learn strategies, and celebrate successes with a mentor can keep you motivated.


2. Promote yourself. Don't wait for others to acknowledge your success, as you might end up waiting a long time. You're your own best advocate.


3. Regard men as your allies, not your enemies. Encourage men to speak out about gender diversity as well. Keep the conversations flowing, challenge stereotypes, and change perspectives. Collaboration is more effective than going it alone.

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