Combat Job Search Isolation

Job hunting can be isolating, especially if you are primarily focusing your efforts online. Take a break from the computer screen, and enjoy some face-to-face, human interaction! 


Even in my role as a résumé writer, I spend a lot of time in front of a screen. To combat the isolation, I incorporate a couple of social engagements into my schedule each week.


Two sites I check for events are and  -  these are great platforms! You'll discover so many interesting clubs and events that your community has to offer.   


Attend these social outings with the intention of meeting new people and learning about new topics. If you attend meet ups and events regularly, increased social interaction can boost your self-esteem - a feeling that can improve your job search motivation!



Annnnd, of course, you never know who you'll encounter! Meeting and building relationships with people in your community can be the ticket to a great referral! 

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