Technical Difficulties for Baby Boomers

Tech Career Tip: For job-seeking Baby Boomers in the tech field, you may have to combat ageism. Your years of experience are valuable, but you'll need to be strategic in your self-presentation to overcome common age assumptions and get a job offer.


Don't be surprised if the interview panel is much younger than you. Rather than appear concerned about working with people that are young enough to be your children, feed off of their energy and speak about your positive experiences working with younger employees.


Incorporate your use / knowledge of trending apps and new technologies into the conversation. If you've assisted in replacing outdated technology with new systems, celebrate the performance improvement. Speak of your ability to influence positive opinions among reluctant staff throughout the transition.


Although being up-to-date in your field is the #1 priority, you should also assess your appearance. Refresh your look with stylish, up-to-date clothing that reflects your youthful attitude.

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